Hand Care " A Requirement Of Perfection

Published: 23rd February 2009
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As vanity requires perfection on every aspect it is necessary for one to possess flawless hands. But as many abuse the use of hands whether young or old, a business woman or a plain housewife, to a celebrity or a construction worker having perfect hand is now next to impossible. Another unavoidable cause of change in hand texture is the weather - staying in a cold and windy places make your hands dry and choppy... so this is where essential hand care comes in necessary.

Hand care in particular doesn't only include market products that come in handy but also precautionary protection especially if your hands are often used for manual labor. Taking care of your hands is not only important but very easy, working people and house wives thinks that they have no time to do such things and going on a treatment is a pain in the pocket it turns out then that they just try and continue abusing their hands by neglecting it.

Here's some of easy to do hand care tips.

Tip: Market product usually works. Applying a good quality hand cream keeps your hand soft and moisturized. Hand creams should be vitamin enriched for best results.

Tip: For housewives especially, using hand gloves while washing or doing the dishes is very important since detergents have chemicals that can cause dryness. Many might not know this but softening your hands while washing is also possible, adding a little almond oil at least a teaspoon on the basin will do the magic. The water serves as a softener to the rough skin and the oil works in to moisturize.

Tip: A home made solution of sea salt lemon can avoid dead skin cells. Brushing the solution on the hands at least twice a week will result to soft hands and eliminate discoloration.

Tip: As many have known milk can be used as a moisturizing, but aside from that milk can also be a source to strengthen nails and hydrate skin by soaking hands for five minutes on warm milk. Milk contains lactic acid that exfoliates dead skin its high calcium content gives strength to delicate nails.

Tip: Greasy hands can be treated using warm water and cornmeal massaging hands together. While salt and water is best for dry hands, petroleum jellies can also help to moisturize dry and choppy hands.

Tip: After a day of work with you hands making it painful and tired, pamper it with warm water and salt in a basin. Resting it in the solution for five to ten minutes will lessen pain and tiredness.

Tip: Making your hands well-kept is also part of hand care. Putting in manicure at least once a week will help your hands look good and putting a little of natural oil will keep it moisturized.

Tip: Hand exercise doesn't include cracking your knuckles it'll just damage the bones and looking like swollen pieces, if your hands are tired it is best to use a stress ball or massaging it with good oil or a hand cream.

Remember even though there are countless ways to care for your hands in only comes down to one... basic is always helpful. Always wash your hands before eating these eliminates bacteria and germs that bare eyes can't see and can protect you from the risk of getting sick because of those bacteria.

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