Disadvantages Of Using Email To Sell

Published: 15th April 2009
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Some people believe that sales by e-mail to sell everything that is the best idea. But the truth is not. Not a good idea to replace calls to e-mail at contact with a potential client. Some people use e-mail to sell products to avoid the humiliation of rejection. Also, the main disadvantage of this approach is that there can be an option not to receive an e-mail while waiting for a transaction related to a sales process.

Over sixty-five percent of businesses today have replaced calls with emails, and the process has lost the personal contact. The reason why companies do what they feel uncomfortable when talking about the rejection directly to the customer. It hurts to listen to less, rather than through an e-mail. Some people get tired of hearing the voice on several occasions. They think the best idea to go to e-mails.

When it comes to selling products or services to a new customer, you can not win the confidence of customers by e-mail, making it the basis for long-term weakness. Some companies do well, I think they are recognized in the market, but they forget that there are spam filters installed strict, these companies take the risk of introduction of sending emails to potential customers. There is very little chance that the client receives the message and read it. But to call a potential customer, there is a greater likelihood that the customer receiving the call and all the resources invested will be a good use.

If the company continues to believe that sending emails to customers is the best approach, some points should be addressed. The email contains the introductory presentation about the company, brief information on products and services offered and information on the purchase method and contact. All information contained in the email should give the reader the impression that the company is interested in clients and not themselves.

The introduction of electronic mail must sound like an attempt to resolve the problems and try to build a strong relationship with the potential customer. To this end, people must be carefully studied to understand their shortcomings and wondered what you would expect from a particular product. In a first time itself does not mention that the company and the customer is a good match for each other. Sale of plots must be totally rejected.

Do not put the Companies name in the header of your email. When the company name is included in the game, the customer has the impression that the company's profits is its top priority and not the interests of the client. It is a good marketing strategy to include the name of the product sold, the product features and how they can solve the problem of the player. The subject must say, and also to attract attention at first glance, yes.

Its best to start the mail client of the foundation of a solid long-term relationship is established first. Initially, customers should be addressed personally. Later, when the confidence of customers, other relationships can be made via e-mail. Emails should only act as a backup method of communication. Be careful of that word as if it should be avoided and replaced by the word you. The customer feels that speaks too directly.

It should not be negative in this area. This defines the spirit of the customer in a negative mood and, in fact, get the opposite message. For example, instead of writing, we do not sell products of inferior quality, write Sell high-quality products. Not always the customer. This creates pressure on the client and begin to avoid the calls and emails from the company.

The emails can be used in difficult moments. Suppose that pain erupted between the parties or at least from the client side, messages written with gentle and polite words can melt strength and in May the opening of new wells. The best thing to do is to stop using email as the only form of communication altogether. Companies that go directly to customers reflect a high level of trust and create a good impression on new customers.

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